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BA3a - Modern Fable - Week 1

I had a couple ideas that my modern fable could follow going into my 3rd year. I want to produce this project in CG, hopefully rendering it in Unreal engine, both to enhance my portfolio, with real time rendering becoming increasingly popular, and to decrease the time used rendering for this project, and put this time into other aspects of the project. My first two ideas followed a similar moral of, be yourself/ don't be follow the crowd. One follows a group of sheep, who notice one of their flock has a new black coat, that they find unique and visually appealing. The rest of the sheep get a similarly black coat, only to find that the one sheep as switched to a white coat, which would now be unique amongst the other sheeps' black coats, leaving the rest of the sheep to question their initial decision to change their coats.

The second idea starts with a (herd?) of lemmings running of a cliff, one of the many misconceptions of lemmings, and one of the lemmings pausing before running of the cliff, before cutting to someone working in an office. This individual will similarly pause whatever office work they are doing. Cut to an alien abducting a sheep, or perhaps something else aliens are known for doing, and similarly, pausing will doing this. I wanted to cut to multiple scenarios like this, and have the main subjects question why they were doing whatever futile/mundane task they were undertaking, perhaps stepping away from it/ throwing it away, to pursue something else that they would want to be doing.

While I think both these ideas are good, I lean more towards the first sheep idea, although I don't know if this is a story I would want to spend 9 months producing, or if this would make sense to try and produce in 9 months, as the sheep idea could potentially be finished quite quickly, with minimal assets to produce. For this reason I'd like to pursue other ideas, and leave this as perhaps a backup plan if I don't see myself finishing other, more ambitious stories.

I wanted to my next idea to align more with my own interests, so I want to give it a sci-fi spin. This currently could follow many paths. The moral I'm working with now is something along the line of: follow your dreams. The initial idea follows a boy, whom for now, I'm naming Donny. Donny, as a boy of 9, sees a spaceship for sale in a space travel dealership, staring at it in awe, he makes it his goal to one day purchase the ship and leave the planet to pursue the wider universe, as presently he both lacks money, and the correct age to purchase it. He comes back, standing in the same spot as his younger self, now old enough, at perhaps 25, with enough money to purchase the spaceship. He rips off the uniform he is still wearing from his recently former job, as he walks towards the dealership. We immediately after see him in the spaceship, taking off.

With a little more meat between the beginning and end, perhaps entailing how he acquired the money, this could potentially be the end of fable. Having followed his dream, and acquiring the spaceship. The story could continue in a few ways. Once he gets into space, having achieved his goal of acquiring the spaceship, he finds himself without a goal and no idea what to do next, shifting the moral of the story from 'follow your dreams' to something like 'always work towards something'.

Perhaps he finds something to pursue. In my initial continued version of this story, he finds himself without a goal, and sees a satellite bar nearby that he heads for. Once inside, he encounters someone quite inebriated, claiming Donny has taken his seat at the bar, or something equally as corny, the two end up fighting. Quickly it is realised the individual is the leader of space gang and resultant of his inebriated state, takes a liking to Donny, who can hold his own in the scuffle, and offers Donny a place amongst their gang.

I like the sci-fi elements the previous element presented, but am not sure of the best story telling path to take, or if that path has even presented itself yet. In another discussion with my tutors about what would be best to do, we considered perhaps combining the best parts of my current ideas. A sheep who wants to go to space? The sheep has a dream to go to space, but is mocked by his other sheep friends for such an absurd aspiration, for he is just a sheep. The sheep would then through much toil find a way to get to space, leaving the other sheep to gape in awe.

The one thing I know I WANT to do is make my fable a sci-fi, and I feel like I'm close to finding a story that would suite the requirements for this project.

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