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Term 3 - Week 9 - Production Team Collaboration

This project was both fun, and required I learn some more about after effects, which continues to be one of my favourite mediums to work. I think a large part of what made the project nice was the team, who were confident and would volunteer for work to keep the amount balanced between everyone. We also had good overall communication, so when people of specific roles made decisions relevant to the whole project, for example, the art directors deciding on a colour scheme, the rest of the team would be informed asap to allow as much time for these decisions to be incorporated into their individual scenes. The final animation was resultantly visually coherent, both in terms of colour and style, but also allowed for individuals to explore their own style and methods.

I think there were a couple oversights in some parts of the project, where individuals may have forgotten to discuss transitions from their scene with the members who shared cuts with them. In some cases, this was fixed when edited together, other times not, although I think the animation would look overall better if more consideration had been paid to this detail. I had been experimenting with the omino snake effect that I mentioned in the posts about my title, and ended up using it as the transitions where we weren't sure what to use. We used this as a transition 3 times throughout the project to keep it consistent, but not overused, and it was spaced evenly so that it wasn't used to again too quickly. I think Our individual parts also felt a little segmented, like they weren’t necessarily part of the same animation, although visually similar, they aren’t coherent. My scene for example, has the main arrow motif fly off to the right of the screen, and the next scene immediately has the same arrow fly in from screen left. Although the direction was coherent, the concept just didn’t make sense, but could have been fixed if we had perhaps conferred more about everyone’s scenes.

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