• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 8 - Research Report Proposal

I've just about finished my proposal this week. Harkening back to my other blog post, I researched further the works of Futurists, and their intentions. I didn't want to focus solely on the Futurists, as interesting as they were, their story is only one side to the era of modern art. Futurism came about almost as a direct opposition to the Romanticists, who idolised the past and nature, who saw only the past in the future. This was of course inoperable to Marinetti, who saw nothing of value in what once was, and looked only to the future. But in direct opposition to the Futurists, were the Constructivists, and more precisely, Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner, who created the the Realistic Manifesto in retort to the narrow thinking of the Futurists. Naum Gabo wanted to bring art back to life, literally to the fabric of existence, space and time. The Constructivists renounced line and colour, disregarding these as the mark of man, and surface level. Art for the Constructivists came from the space an object occupied, the space inside. Naum Gabo was obsessed with energy, as Marinetti was, but with much more scientific outlook. Nature for Naum Gabo, had all the speed and movement anyone could ever dream of. He described the stillness of a ray of light, as the fastest thing imaginable, and that was the end of the conversation, no need for automobiles and thundering trains. I'm unsure if I will leave my research report solely down to these 3 movements, Romanticism, Futurism, and Constructivism, as each has their own off shoots and descendants that carry the inspiration of the predecessor, explored in different ways.

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