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Term 3 - Week 7 - Personal Branding, and Career Planning

We reconvened this week in a group tutorial in a similar fashion to before, with our improved websites and show reels. I had a similar lay out and style as before, with a slightly updated show reel. I'd shortened the intro from the dark blue screen to the title, which I'm admittedly quite fond of and don't want to get rid of entirely, although Mhairi was fond of opening on a plain dark screen, in shortening the time that it's visible, as the web page finishes loading in, the title should already be visible, and the dark screen gone, as the video plays automatically.

Mhairi also wasn't fond of the original title for the page, which she didn't think was really my kind of colour, and I agreed, as it was sort of temporary, and I didn't know what to do in it's place.

I've now updated this, along few other details like the projects, and contact pages, and polished up my website. I still wasn't entirely sure what I wanted as my title/logo, but I think what I presently have is a little more creative, and fitting than the previous title. The title screen aside, Mhairi was happy the pace and tight editing of my showreel, save for a dropped frame or two I'd missed in the updated version, which have now been removed.

I created a more obvious contact form, as well as short description of myself, and icons for the programs I'm comfortable with using. I am slightly unsure how this comes off, as I have the icon for Maya, a 3D program, under my description of being a 2D animator, but that might be over thinking, as I'm sure it's better to oversell than undersell yourself, and Maya is something I'm genuinely interested in using and understand alongside being a 2D animator.

Just so there was even more chance of having my contact methods seen, I use the same form on a separate contact page.

I have a download link for my CV should anyone wish to view that alongside these details, which I think is made pretty clear, although I don't know if this was the best way to present my CV. I didn't know if I should have had a page for my CV, or where exactly it should have gone. I thought as I had the description of myself, alongside the program icons, it would fit best around there, as an extension of these details.

I reused a CV I had previously made looking to apply for a game store. I was initially going to change the kind of silly titles, but also thought, why not have them? If people thought they were a little humorous, and decided to contact me despite them, those would probably be people I would want to work with.

I also added videos using YouTube players of projects I had previously worked on.

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