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Term 3 - Week 8 - Production Team Collaboration

I finished up my part of the collaboration this week. In the previous update to my scene I talked about using a dissolve blend to create the textured effect in the shading, but before the break, I discussed with Millie during a session about using a different method, that required a few more steps, but provided more control over the effect. For the background shadows of the scissors and the weave, I just created a composition of their different elements, and offset their positions. I then applied a fill effect, to make them a uniform colour, then added a scatter effect, to create what was practically the same effect as the dissolve blend. I then added a simple choker, which brought down the perimeters of the the scatter effect, and created larger blotches, which made the effect look more painted on, than just a tv static scatter. I added a posterize time effect on an adjustment layer over everything to bring the frame rate down from 25fps, to 12.5, which made the scattering a little less jarring to look at, and in some weird counter intuitive way, a little more natural.

Everything else in the composition was quite fuzzy, as id added the scatter effect to the rest of the assets just to slight roughen up the edges, and I was looking to do the same to the scissors, but before I could apply the scatter effect, I noticed how well lined up the shadow was, and how it really made the scissors jump out, and contrast the rest of the scene, so I left that as it was. It was only a minor change, literally the addition of two slightly different shades, but It really changed the look of the scissors for the better, in my opinion.

I gave the weave a kind of almost ambient occlusion effect, where the spaces in between the fibres is darker, as less light can physically get to them. I did a similar thing with the background shadow, where I just put a fill over a duplicate of the composition, and added the scatter effect. I masked off the parts I wanted to stay light, and used an alpha matte to keep the scatter within the bounds of the original weave composition. I think this subtle change really helped add some depth to the pattern, and makes it more interesting to look at.

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