• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 7 - Production Team Collaboration

I wanted finished up the title this week, building on the animated brush stroke effects i'd finished the week prior. I wanted to add a little more detail that would utilise the Celtic patterns we as a team thought would look nice and help bring our scenes together.

I traced patterns from the a Brave title as paths, and used the trim paths effect to make them draw in, with some ease as the animation ended to make them look a little more natural and satisfying

I then used the a set matte effect so the lines would appear in as the letter's were painted in.

I played around with background colours a little bit, and decided on a light grey within our decided colour palette, which just seemed the most authentic. I was quite pleased with the title, it was simple, and understated, but really satisfying to look at. I took a lot of time in making the paint strokes look as natural as a could, which was surprisingly tough specifically on the B, trying to make the strokes curve around both bumps and the straight back and meet at the end.

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