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Term 3 - Week 6 - Production Team Collaboration

I took charge of the title screen and credits, as I kind of had a few ideas in mind about how to carry it out. I'd been exploring how to make text animate in like it was being written. There's a few ways to go about this in base after effects, like using a trim paths effect, but this limits the text to being a path, and would be quite tricky and messy to accomplish on something with a lot of detailed shapes, and to make it actually look like writing would require a couple layers of effects that could bog down slower computers without pre-renders.

I watched a video by school of motion about accomplishing this in after effects:

They showed a couple good ways of achieving this using stock after effects effects, but the real star of the show required an add on called Omino. Omino was supposedly made by someone as uni project, and was completed within about a night of work, and thus the program isn't as stable and refined as it could be, and it's warned that you should be constantly saving when utilising it, which I definitely felt the pain of not doing at one time. The Omino snake effect allows you to move an image along a path defined by a mask on a solid layer, splitting it up into lots of different segments, an amount you can control, and warping them to allow whatever image you may be manipulating to bend and snake around corners.

I used the omino snake effect to animate in images of a paint mark, and layered these in a way to make it look the paint was building up, rather than just an image of a paint mark moving along a path. I then used an outline layer of the letters for the title as an alpha matte to cover up the rough edges, and make it much prettier than if I hadn't.

I wonder if a similar effect could be achieved with trim paths, and alpha mattes, but instead of having to use effects to make the paths more textured, using up cpu resources, this allows for pretty great effects in a way that should be standard in after effects.

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