• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 4 - Production Team Collaboration

We continued to work on our individual scenes leading up to this weeks session, where we compiled the footage into another animatic. We'd decided on a colour script based on the colours of brave, which were quite earthy and natural for the most part, but one of the key things we' learnt from the colour workshop, was that these more muted colours can still be quite powerful when used correctly, and things like colour triads and complimentary colours are considered to really make the assets stand out.

The script has been refined at this point, as is timing much better with people's scenes. I personally worked a lot on the movement for my scene, and have it pretty much animated to the point where I'm done, unless I decide to make any major changes, but I don't see any reason to over complicate my part. I watched a tutorial on YouTube by someone named Ben Marriott, about using dissolve filters to make a grainy effect on shadows, which makes them look a little more illustrative and stylised, whilst still creating the depth that comes with shadows:

I thought this would fit well with our more rustic and rough iron age inspired style, so suggested it to the rest of the group to try, having already experimented little bit on my own scene. It's fairly easy to accomplish, and the tutorial describes the process quite clearly, so hopefully the rest of the team doesn't have any trouble carrying it out, as I think it'll add quite a nice look that'll help tie our scenes together.

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