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Term 3 - Week 6 - Personal Branding, and Career Planning

This week for our group tutorial with Mhairi, I brought in a wip of my website. I had taken care to apply what we'd discussed in class regarding websites, after having evaluated many examples of websites, from students, all the way to professionals, and high end studios, and how they tailor the experience for the visitor. If there's one thing I've taken away from those sessions, it's that simplicity is key, and when potential employers are visiting your website, you want to make it as easy for them to hire you as possible. It's easy to get carried away with making a website fun, and a website can still be fun and effective, but the main attractions should be your work, and your contact details. Other details, like an about page, should be secondary; not necessarily completely gone from your website, and still easy to find in case perhaps that is what an employer is looking for, but particularly in the line of work for an animator, what you can bring to a studio or project comes first.

In a few examples Mhairi praised, the work came in the form of a show reel that appeared with the homepage, being the first thing a visitor sees, so they don't have to go searching for individual projects, and click around looking for reasons to contact the individual.

My website at present opens up with a showreel, which starts playing automatically, but without any sound.

It was a point of concern for Mhairi that my website opened up with just a blue screen, as something eye catching should really be the first thing a visitor sees, preferably in the form of my own work. The blue screen is meant to precede a little animation I did for a title card, revealing my name, but this was made a sort of redundant by the title of the web page displaying my name. It was advised I do away with these as leading straight into my animation will be a lot more interesting and efficient.

Mhairi liked my show reel overall thus far, with the title card being the main point of concern, this early on.

Directly below the show reel is a form to fill out of a visitor wanted to contact me. Mhairi stated she personally wasn't the biggest fan of these, but informed it couldn't hurt to have it, along with extra details if someone wanted to personally email me, or contact me some other way.

In think my website is going well so far. I've kept it quite visually simple, so as to keep the website clean, and functional on most platforms it could be viewed on, and I'm on the right track to making a friendly user experience.

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