• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 3 - Production Team Collaboration

This weeks session was our first look at our team's idea's. Our team editor compiled our individual animatics, along with a spoken script, which I was in charge of writing. We didn't really consider it until now, but the dialogue has to be surprisingly concise to fit with everyone's scene's. 10 seconds sounded like a lot of time to have as a maximum, but when someone's scene was 5 seconds long, the dialogue had to be really short, and this was in some cases quite tough to balance, as the dialogue had to have a certain amount of detail in order to create enough context and make sense. We concluded some people's scenes needed lengthening, but for the most part we were able to shorten the script down to fit.

I wanted fabric to weave in, the fibres overlapping one another, like it was realistically being pulled into a fabric. Depending on the final transition to my scene, I might have the fabric follow the arrow into shot, like it’s being pulled by the arrow. I was debating whether or not I could use the arrow, or another object like scissors, to then tear the fabric away, and have it float out of shot, and transition into the next scene.

In this rough animatic it's quite obvious how the dialogue doesn't fit, as the narrator is required to talk quite quickly in order to make it work. Otherwise, for quite a rough animatic, it was good to see how it would all fit together, and we can now start designing, animating and refining our work properly.

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