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Term 3 - Week 4 - Research Report Proposal

I think one of the most important things for this project was deciding on something that I would enjoy writing about, as well as how feasible it would be to write about. I think I managed to hit a very nice compromise with my chosen question "How have different movements explored animation?".

I've always been interested in fine art, and it's history, but going into this project I see how much more I need to understand. I'm taking a particular interest with the era of modern art, as this was the era during which human kind had undergone its largest technological changes, and brought animation into its own. When I refer to animation, I mean it in the broader notion of movement, as well as the practice of producing many images to create the illusion of movement. Animation as practice was almost inevitable, perhaps even more so that photography and film making, as we'd already been recreating life with paint for hundreds of years, the next logical step with advancements in technology would be to make these move. It did seem however that film grew in popularity far more than animation, resultant of how surprisingly simple it was to do in comparison once you had the film and the camera. Art aside, humans have strive for movement, hence why we started riding horses, why we would build larger and larger castles and towns, which have resulted in the cities we live in today, and the super cars we traverse them with (well, some few). Human's certainly aren't born to stand still, and walking on the moon is only the beginning. movements of the modern art era each had their own take on this concept, ideologies they would work by and believe, some wouldn't believe in the future, and no one can really say if anyone was right, but many certainly disagreed with one another. Perhaps the most influential of the lot was Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's Futurism. Marinetti created the first ever artist manifesto, in the form of the Futurist manifesto, and in it he declared a reform of the fine arts, possible only through resentment for the past, war, energy, industrialism, and an eye for the future. Futurists were notoriously obsessed with cars, and speed, and this would of course make its way into the works of the futurist painters who would try and capture this, try and make movement visually tangible in a still image.

Although this was the obsession of the futurists, an artistic revolution of this kind would certainly bring about a similar obsession in other artists, with different beliefs, to be explored in a different way. I want to understand how these artists thought, and how this influenced their art. I would like my final research report to communicate how these arts composed their art, how they used colour, shape, space, depth, line, and the rest, as these aspects in a still image are just as important in a moving one, and understanding how and why the modern masters did what they did I believe could benefit my own works, and mindsets when it comes to the creation of art.

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