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Term 3 - Week 2 - Production Team Collaboration

We started today's session with a group presentation defining what each group considered the most important aspects of composition. I chose to talk about depth, which I have personally started considering a lot more since the beginning of year 2, starting where I made an animation I think could have been a lot more visually appealing by its addition.

We moved onto the colour workshop after the finishing the presentations, and although something like that can seem a little basic, especially when we become so reliant on electronic mediums to a large chunk of this work for us, getting colour right using an "analogue" method can be quite challenging, and getting colour EXACT even more so. We started with an exercise in shading, creating a grey scale sequence in equal steps from black to white. I think I was doing okay, with some a couple uneven steps, until I accidentally covered one of the lighter squares in a much darker grey which completely ruined any aesthetic appeal my scale of grey might have had.

We then did a similar exercise, but between a hot red (as opposed to a cool red), and a mid grey. I think for what I completed I again did pretty well, with a couple incorrect shades.

we finished by starting a colour wheel with primary colours, and trying to fill the inbetweens in by mixing only these colours.

Again, the concept of these sounded really simple at first, but to someone unpractised like myself, I found it quite hard. With no one to stop me, I will make the excuse that I am much more competent with oil paint, rather than the acrylics we used for the session. But I definitely gained an appreciation for the mechanics of colours and paints, and just the scope of what is at first glance a simple concept.

We had a group meeting after the session where we discussed and finalised what parts everyone would create for the visual essay. Instead of the original concept I had with the timeline last week, I went with how a new program was used to create the garments for the characters, which allowed for more flexibility with shading and required less human interaction with simulation.

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