• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 1 - Production Team Collaboration

In today's briefing, we got into groups and went to the library to look for an animated film we would like to make a 'making of' visual essay about. We worked our way down to the Incredibles, and Brave, and decided on Brave because of it's advancement in the the animation requirements for things like clothing, and hair. We also though we could use the old Celtic iron age setting to create a style for our scenes that would help tie them together.

We were given about a 12 foot piece of paper to quickly create a timeline of our animation on. It didn't have to be accurate, or necessarily ordered right, but we had to choose a line based on what we had learnt about the movie's production thus far, and create a representation of it within the timeline. The image was a little too long to photograph properly, but I have a photo of my part.

I wasn't entirely sure what i wanted to explore about Brave, but I had read that the original movie was going to take place in a snowy setting, so I thought I would just go with that and explore maybe how the animation could look visually, what patterns might be interesting to try and incorporate into our individual scenes to help tie it together. The final animation wasn't allowed to have defined characters, so I had almost immediately broken that rule with my part of the timeline, but I was quite pleased with the drawing I'd made in a rather short time, and I really enjoyed the pattern's i'd created in Merida's hair, that could perhaps be used later in our designs.

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