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Term 2 - Week 12 - Character Bestiary

This moodboard I think encompasses most of the aspects I want my creature to display, both physically, and as a character. In my mind it's overall movement is inspired by reptiles, and cats, being fluid, deft, but easily switching to slow, creeping, and silent and require. I also want it to be able to blend in with it's surroundings, although this is a common misconception within chameleons, that instead change the colour of their skin to signal intentions, and regulate body temperature, a chameleon's reptilian nature, methodical movement, and ability to change the colour of it's skin at all (which is awesome), makes it a deep source of inspiration for me. I described in a previous blog post how I wished for my creature to be a protector, and friendly companion to those it chooses to live with, hence I have included 'the last guardian' as a source of inspiration, as it really encompasses those qualities, playing the protector, whilst retaining innocent, friendly quirks. The other images more or less describe specific features I wanted within the creature: distinct eyelashes, a singular eye, antlers, and a graceful, fluid nature.

I used a few clips of moving reptiles as reference for the movement, noting particularly the chameleon doesn't move its legs back and forth, but around it's body, keeping it's height from the surface consistent, instead of bobbing.

For quicker movements with the character, I referred to a cat's walking pattern, which moves each leg almost one at a time. When a cat walks through sand, it is noticeable how it's hind paws will land in the same position the front was prior to moving.

I did a quick movement experiment, combining the observed movement of a chameleon with my creatures build. I think I was able to replicate quite well the general concept of a chameleon's movement, having the legs move around the body to create a stable body height. the movement was pretty simple to convey as a result of the lack of consideration required for other parts of the body, as they simply do not move when a chameleon walks, resultant perhaps of the need to remain as invisible as possible. I made the mistake of having the back legs move solely around the body, making the movement seem kind of weird they do a combination of curling up and moving around within a chameleon's movement, so that's something to note if i'm to replicate this movement in future animations.

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