• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 17 - Character Performance

I created the final rig for my character, which took overcoming the original hurdles of the practice face rig I created earlier. I had forgotten exactly the steps to making the mouth rig, so I re-watched the tutorials provided by the creator of the extension, Joysticks n' Sliders, and went through that process again, and made some improvements upon my original practice lip rig. This time I had the rig move in a realistic fashion, where the upper teeth are stationary, and only the bottom teeth and jaw move. I was also able to apply the concept of merging shape paths to masks over solids, which would be a lot easier on the CPU and allow for near enough real time renderings of the face rig, with the movement of the joystick, without having to update the shape path. I had to move the points of the mask path to where I wanted them to move to with the directional movement of the joystick, within the timeline. Joysticks n' sliders works in order of origin, right, left, up, and down within the timeline. So if when I moved the joystick right, I wanted the face rig to look right, the second key frame within each mask path had to take the position the character looking to the right of the screen, and so on for each direction. This was quite an arduous process, having to set a total of 5 positions for each aspect of the face: left eye, eyebrow, mustache, ear, right eye, eyebrow, ear, hair, mouth, goatee, crown, and overall head shape. the final result was, however, a comprehensive face rig, definitely worth the effort.

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