• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 16 - Character Bestiary

I finalised the rough animation for my Character Bestiary. I tried my best to utilise the perspective I discussed in my previous blog entry, making the character's movement across the final animation move believable, and hopefully making them fit into the scene much more than if I disregarded this aspect. I was quite pleased with the first scenes rough, the movement of which looks very promising. I consider the movement quite complex, but this too looks to be quite believable, and I feel like I was able to create a nice flow between the lines frame to frame. I'm presently animating these scenes at 12 frames a second, instead of 24 frames a second on 2s, so I haven't left myself any room for putting frames in-between fast movements, but in an effort to conserve time, i've disregarded that aspect.

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