• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 16 - Character Performance

I finished up the character body movement, opting to hand draw every frame of the body. Where the body is stationary, I used the same frames during the clean up pass, so I was able to draw each line in the final pass to a certain degree of accuracy, making the final product look quite stylistically interesting. I don't think it looks necessarily bad, although given more time i would like to spend time on making the lines as accurate as possible. I think it'll interesting to see how this couples with the clean look of an after effect face rig, will the two styles kind of cancel out, or be jarring together? In my mind the two work quite well, and I believe should help distract from one another.

I made a super speedy practice face rig using the Joystick n' Sliders extension for after effects, learning the process of making a face rig through tutorials provided by the creator of the extension. It was rather challenging to grasp at first, because their's quite a lot to remember to do, and how the extension actually functions to make joysticks and sliders that the user can use to manipulate the desired shape. One mistake I made in this practice was to make the upper teeth move, whilst talking, which isn't realistic, where only the bottom jaw should be moving, which I think lends to making the movement of the practice rig slightly off and weird. Overall though, I definitely see the possibility of a comprehensive and useful face rig for my character.

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