• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 15 - Character Performance

I intended to use this project as a bit of an experiment. i wanted to animate the body of my character hand drawn, because of certain freedoms this allows, but I wanted to create a face rig for the character in after effects, after coming across this video about rigging a face in after effects, which utilises an extension called 'Joysticks n' Sliders':

I really enjoyed the fluidity that the facial animation example demonstrated in the video, and I wanted to combine the freedom of a hand drawn body with the same fluidity of the face rig.

I started with animating the body, creating a place holder for the head later, so that I wouldn't make mistakes with the positioning of things like the hands on the face later.


Rough inbetweens:

Line clean up:

I was quite pleased with the rough body movement, although it looks a little weird without the head, I think I was able to make the body react to the words in a way that is believable. The acting reference videos I had created I think really helped in understanding the movement of the character.

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