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Term 2 - Week 14 - Character Bestiary

I took the images I wanted to use as the backgrounds for my sequences. I made sure to create depth within the images, to add to final appeal of the animation, and create interesting lines of movement, that would direct the focus of the viewer later. The living room shot is pretty flat, but the wider angle lens I used created some interesting fish eye effects, that I think still move the eye across the image in an interesting fashion off the sides, which should also intersect character movement later.

I created these guides to use later in the animation process, to more accurately convey movement across the shot, so that the movement moved with the perspective.

I used the character models I had made previously to finalise the style frames. In order to add believability to the image, I added shading to the characters that I didn't think was out of the realm of possibility for animating later, perhaps utilising after effects to guide masks across the body of my characters. I realise I had forgotten to shade the couch where there should be a shadow cast by Armstrong, but other shading, like the shadow cast by his feet onto the floor, I think really draw him into the scene.

I did quite a few style frames for this sequence, as there were quite a few aspects I wanted to experiment with, like the movement of a shadow cast onto the right wall by Troy as he moved from the sink and out of scene.

I really wanted to do a night sequence, that had the Slenderfiend sneak up on and attack a swindling larcener, up to no good. I didn't want to actually take the photo at night, which would create an image with poor quality due to the lack of light- which is when I came across this video:


At 22:14, the 'day for night' technique is discussed, and is used for a similar reason I did not want to take the image at night. I took the photos during the day, and colour corrected the images with bluer hues and darker shadows to give the impression of night scene, which I think worked pretty well, and allowed for a better looking image than would have been possible if I took the photo at night.

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