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Term 2 - Week 13 - Character Bestiary

I finished up the model and turnaround for the creature I am now calling a 'Slenderfiend'. It was a little challenging not to just draw lines across the body of the character, in order to accurately describe the relief of the surface of their body, but I was able to get into the swing of recognising when a line should be curved a certain way in order to convey this. It figured it would be easier to convey this when their body wasn't just completely straight, allowing for a different angle on different parts of the body to more accurately convey the surface.

The second character I thought fit the name 'Troy'. In an attempt to explain their character and movement, and give it purpose, I imagine his ever angry demeanour is brought about by the constant indication of his height.

The second character, Armstrong, I gave a little more of that teenage blithe, a little more carefree, a bit of a contrast in character to Troy.

I wanted the characters that would be living in the house with the Slenderfiend to be related, and make it a little more coherent as to why there is more than 1 person in the house the sequences take place. This could be explained by a shared housing situation like that that students tend to have, but it would maybe be more obvious if the two character's looked related, and leaves one less question about the final story to be answered. The character's are quite different in a lot of respects, but I think a few features draw them together, like the hair shape, and similar facial features. The character's are of course adapted from the rough shapes and characters I'd developed in the previous blog entry.

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