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Term 2 - Week 10 - Character Bestiary

I've been looking forward to this project, with the opportunity to really work on a character that we design in all aspects, with the only real limit being our creativity having. Our first session covering the project was reasonably low-key, going over a short process for brainstorming characters, using real world textures. We were shown how to mask the textures in Photoshop, which we could then combine to create the different parts of our characters. I enjoy the initial process of conceptualising, where there are no limits to what you should create- for the most part, as opposed to later sticking to a singular idea, working solely on that (I also enjoy this part, of course, but the repetition of your subject can be taxing).

I've taken quite a liking to the top left character, although I don't want to limit my ideas just yet, I think the creature is exceptionally CUTE.

I played around with the character a little more, trying out features to perhaps use on a future creature. Although I like the character, I think the legs might prove slightly peculiar to animate, if I am to stick with the shape and style of the character, but perhaps I could create a walk cycle and try this out. I feel it may be similar to the flour sack we created in year 1, as the body will have to stretch with the legs because of how much of the body the legs occupy.

I tested something pretty obverse of the fluffy character, with long, fur-less body and limbs, a little more humanoid, but still fanciful, which yielded a lanky troll. I'm very fond of the mannerisms a creature like this could exhibit, and how their character would be born out of this. I see the character with long lazy steps and swinging arms, that would portray him in a similarly lazy, easygoing light.

I want whatever character I decide on to be a home dwelling creature, that occupies hidden nooks and crannies within a humans abode, perhaps stealing the odd shiny object, or snack, but proving no real pest to the home owner, rather perhaps an unobtrusive companion. Maybe the creature instead provides shiny things/coins they find to the home owner as compensation for letting them stay.

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