• Charles Breach

Term 1 - Week 7 - Film Language

I had to have a really good think about what exactly I wanted to compare for final essay. Choosing the films, and specifically scenes from the films that were comparable, was definitely the hardest part of this project. But after much thinking, I had an epiphany: Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049. I consider myself an absolute sci-fi buff, and of course writing about something you enjoy would make the process easier, and perhaps produce a better written piece. Choosing comparable sequences from both films was again, fairly difficult, and I wanted to stray from doing the obvious, but alas the scenes were almost made for this project: the iconic tears in the rain scene from the original Blade Runner, and the final scene from Blade Runner 2049. They take place at a similar position within the films, tears in the rain being the penultimate scene, of course the other is the final scene. They also have similar themes, namely they show us a replicant becoming human. The Tears in the rain shows this through the replicant putting himself on the same level as Deckard, first hunting him, before not only showing him mercy, but saving his life, and describing briefly his own experiences that even a human couldn't dream. Deckard ultimately sees here that the replicants are more than that, and can feel compassion, despite their short lives, and negligence from humans. Blade Runner 2049 has Joe believe that he is part human, part replicant, which creates conflict within himself. This is later disproved, and he is disappointed that he isn't human, an emotion an unquestioning replicant would't feel. He then chooses to help Deckard return to his daughter, which is also an extremely human thing to do, to choose.

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