• Charles Breach

Term 1 - Week 8 - Motion Graphics

I took one of the easier parts to animate as my scene for the project, as I had worked on the majority of pre-production, the beat board, script, storyboard, some character design, the animatic, and some sound editing. My scene entailed the bees realising their mistake, and apologising to the beekeeper for accusing him and stinging him because of their irrational assumptions. The face would follow on from the previous scene, and stay large in screen centre, the bear looking sad having just been stung. A bee flies into the scene, the bears eyes following it, and kissing the bear on the cheek, the bear smiling in reaction to this. It differs a bit composition wise from the animatic, which had the full bear in view, but was simpler to create, and added to the motion graphics feel.

My scene was fairly simply composed, and this allowed for more attention to the smaller details. This was actually fairly difficult at first, as I hadn't considered how to fill the required 10 seconds, and couldn't have the bear stare into space for half of it, I needed to make the bear act naturally for those 10 stationary seconds its face was on screen, and through some slow pacing, that also lightened the mood of the animation, and kept the scene organic, I was able to create what I think was a likeable final scene. I had the bear initially looking down to the left, from there his eyes wandered a little bit, as the narrator (me) spoke, then when the bees were mentioned to apologise, I brought the bee in from the top of the screen, having the beekeeper look up to see it. The bee then flew around the keepers face a little, filling the gap between sentences, and also making the path of motion more interesting and fluid. The bee then kisses the bears face, to which he smiles. The narration the states the moral of the story 'not to jump to conclusions', after a brief pause. The timing between the different beats of the scene are fairly consistent and keep the viewer drawn along, the pauses not too long, and the action not confusing. I created a slight bounce to the blink, which created a fairly drastic difference, and made the blink motion more natural, where it looked fairly robotic before. I also initially had the bees wings flap fairly fast, as a bees wings would, and as cool as it looked, it didn't fit the theme, so the bees wings flap at about half the initial frequency, with some motion blur to better the look. I also made sure to add ease in and out where necessary, to make motion more believable.

I'm happy with my addition to the project, and I think I created a charming ending for a fairly dramatic animation.

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