• Charles Breach

Term 1 - Week 8 - Motion Graphics

I created the rigs for our characters this week, which turned out to be more of a hassle than originally expected- not that I found it particularly challenge to rig our characters, but issues with the original character parts that had been drawn up in illustrator required reworking these to render more efficiently in after effects, and had to be rigged again. The illustrator parts were given a line style that significantly increased the amount that required rendering, and slowed down the after effects to a crawl whenever a limb was moved. I think in total I rigged each character 3 times, the final result had all the lines in a normal style, with a fairy diverse rig, that would allow for the characters to move how my group members wanted, without being too complex. The raccoon rig was a little over the top, where I gave parts of the raccoon that didn't even need articulation or movement a controller, like the main body, which would stay seated on the cart the entire time. I think it was good practice however to rig the entire model like this, and allowed for flexibility if maybe the person animating with it want to diverge from the original plan, and it created a nice tree of control throughout the rig, where if the cart moved, the body would follow, and the arms would follow the body, instead of the arms following the cart. I managed to sort out all the problems with the rigs today, and it was worth making the rigs easier to animate for my group members.

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