• Charles Breach

Term 1 - Week 7 - Motion Graphics

I created an animatic for our group, based on the previous storyboard I had created. I removed the unnecessary background details, and replaced them with something more motion graphics oriented, specifically a circle that I experimented with implementing into a transition. Although the purpose of an animatic is to pretty well finalise the details for others to adhere to, I think mine turned out to be more like guidance for my group, where I finalised the concepts we wanted to convey. The animatic didn't contain transitions that would fit the motion graphics style in every cut, like the transition from the sad bear, to the bees appearing, which is just a cut, and would make the final animation more cinematic than motion... graphicsy. We left transitions to be sorted between the group members who shared cuts; the transition I included the animatic was included as a suggestion for possible effects that my other members could use.

One of my group members, Hannah, created her own shorter animatic, building from my own, for the scene where the bees mistake the bee keeper for ruining their hives, and stinging him. Hannah changed the part where we see the bees appear in the foreground, and replaced this with the bees appearing in the hive, seeing their home's destroyed from the inside. Hannah also altered the shot of the bees stinging the bear, where instead of keeping his entire body in shot, we see only his head, which is keeping with the motion graphics theme.

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