• Charles Breach

Term 1 - Week 7 - Motion Graphics

I created a beat board illustrating how the story played out in my head when read, with a simplistic motion graphics style in mind, that our group could easily and quickly animate. This covered the thief stealing the honey, the keeper finding his apiary ruined and honey gone, and the bees coming back to find the apiary ransacked, and blaming this on the keeper.

Finding the rest of the group without a beat/storyboard, we kept with my rendition of the story. I reworked the script to be a little more detailed, whilst also allowing for a happy ending, that would illustrate the moral of the story- which is effectively 'don't assume'. I created the script in a proper script format, which read at about a page a minute, and allowed for easily distinguishing the dialogue and characters from the narration.

I added the extra content into a more detailed storyboard, which now established the bear as a character before the thief came in, as well as resolving the conflict between the bees and the bear. I think I might have gone overboard with the detail I put into the storyboard. That being said, the detail allowed for my team members to accurately see how the final product would play out, leaving less to question, so we could make our final product more coherent, having to animate our own 10 second sections separately.

In our group meeting with Kris, we established the relatively complex background was unnecessary, and that we really wanted to keep a consistent simplistic motion graphics feeling throughout the animation, keeping it easy to animate.

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