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Term 1 - Week 6 - CG

Following from last weeks session, where we finish on retopologising, we were given another angry man head to retopologise. I find this process fairly easy, where I noticed some of my class mates would complain, and this may or may not indicate the amount of time I spend in front of a computer, or I may just be inherently good at clicking. I found it fairly easy to avoid using triangles, although there are a few in this model, favouring quantity over quality for this session, where we have to rush things slightly, but I managed to place them in areas that did not move, or were less visible, like inside/behind the ear.

We then moved onto texturing, using a pre-made low polygon model of a witch head. The witch had different layers, which was compared to be effectively like the layers in Photoshop, which made the concept pretty easy to understand. We used the different layers to apply texture and colour to the different parts of the witch head. I can't remember exactly the texture I used, but I really enjoy the dirty pale, slightly shiny texture of the witch face. The hat was also pretty easily textured with a fabric texture. We then baked the low poly. I hadn't really understood what baking was, or the reasons for it, but this was the next step in our texturing.

I found a short blog about what exactly baking is: https://cgcookie.com/articles/big-idea-baking

It's now my understanding that baking the low poly creates an image from the 2D model, that allows the program to see where crevices and edges are, allowing for automatic darkness and wear & tear respectively in these areas, for example, instead of having to paint these effects in manually. This can be done at any point in the painting process, if i'm not wrong, but would generally be done after applying a kind of base coat, so the effects of ambient occlusion, for example, could be seen earlier. I think I definitely need to research the whole concept of baking and texturing more, and hopefully if LinkedIn starts working, provided by the university, this will make it a lot easier, with the tutorials available to me.

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