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Term 1 - Week 6 - Inanimate Objects

I think I'd focused a little too much on the background for this project considering that it was only going to fully be in frame for a couple seconds maximum. As a standalone piece, I suppose it's decent. I made the background using Adobe Illustrator, which is more flexible than Toon Boom for creating detailed pieces like I was going for.

I focused on making the background more directional, trying to make the area I would be using for the majority of the animation the focus. Jon suggested I try and turn the objects in screen more to focus on the point, and just adjust a few objects from the original style frame that would make the scene more natural, like skewing the keyboard. I turned the screen a bit as well, making it face slightly towards the focus point, which I wanted to lay near the base of the lamp. I played around with light rays hitting the desk and wall, enhancing the pull of the lower left corner of the screen. I also played around with posters on the back wall, trying to make them subtle, so as not to detract from other details, but still trying to make the scene a little more interesting, and natural. It turned out in the end, that these transparent layers would create errors when I tried to import the Illustrator file into Toon Boom, the specific file type I required for the vector graphics that would allow for some extreme zooms without pixelation. I then had to go back and make the light rays opaque, and change their colour to match before they were opaque. I couldn't figure out how to directly edit the colour, saturation, and contrast within illustrator, so had been doing so in photoshop. I didn't want to go back and alter the colour of each poster to match what I previously desired without having to be translucent, and I thought the time could be used on other aspects of my projects, so I binned the posters altogether, which I kind of regret, but I don't think detracts from the final product, especially considering, again, that the entire view will be in frame for a second or two.

The final background is a little subtler than the previous versions I wanted. I added a slight vignette, to kind of make the areas not illuminated by the outside light darker, and draw the eye in to the lower left corner. The lamp no longer has stark rays of light hitting it, and instead utilises a gradient to make the area that is hit by light lighter. I like the different versions for different reasons, but I think for my animation's purposes, the final background is the best option, with less detail to distract the viewer, whilst providing a decent setting for my characters.

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