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Term 1 - Week 5 - Motion Graphics Brief

The briefing of our first group project since the first week of year 1, was pretty exciting. I've always liked the aesthetic that motion graphics provided, but never understood fully what motion graphics was, although after this briefing, I understand the name is pretty self explanatory. Our purely motion graphics animation would be inspired by one of Aesop's fables. Our group was given 'The Beekeeper', which we were all pretty happy with, and almost instantly we were brainstorming how we would go about the project. We decided the story was pretty great as is, simply we would change the characters and make them anthropomorphic creatures instead of humans, save for the bees. It seems I will be the one to narrate the story, by popular vote of the group. We are still undecided who gets exactly which section of the story to animate, but we are still designing characters and learning to rig and animate in After Effects, so aren't worrying about that too much at this stage. We have the story split up roughly into 5 sections, and after test reading a passage, reading fairly slowly and leaving time for animation and transitions, found it timed pretty well, at about 40 seconds, which would leave 10 seconds for transitions, and if this isn't enough all we are required to do is read the story a little faster, but we can still cut parts of the dialogue if completely necessary.

These are a couple quick characters I made whilst brainstorming with the group.

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