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Term 1 - Week 5 - Motion Graphics

This was our first Motion Graphics session. We used Illustrator to create pretty simple bipedal characters, with a solid torso, arms, legs, and a head. We created the joints for each limb using circles before connecting them using the pen tool to draw a shape at the diameter of each circle. The joints would later then be used both as joints for the character, but could duplicated and shrunk down over the top of the character to display the centre of each joint. I used a colour palette I captured using Adobe Capture, then called something along the lines of Adobe Colour, as the palette for my character, which I think is one of the first times I've ever used these colour schemes in work of mine, but it was pretty fun to try. It was important how we ordered the layers in this stage, which I found out later when I exported my character to After Effects, and found that I couldn't move the individual section of limbs, and had to remove each section to its own folder, which then showed up properly in After Effects.

We then used extension called Duik to rig the characters, although during this session we only managed to start the arms. I didn't want to jump ahead too far, so I left it with the arms. We will also learn how to mask next session, which should move remove the huge bulge of hair above my characters head so only the hair within the circumference of their head shows, although having looked at it for a while, I kinda wish my hair was physically capable of being that fancy.

I've had some experience with Illustrator and After Effects before, so I found the session pretty easy going in that regard, but I enjoyed how simple yet effective we were able to make our characters, and after only rigging the arms, seeing how much potential there was behind something so quickly made.

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