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Term 1 - Week 4 - Inanimate Objects

Today I had a one to one with Jon, during which we went over my inanimate object animation so far, as well as a style frame, and title. Jon reckoned the progress on my animation was sufficient, all that needs to be done now is to finish my clean animation, and tidy up a few lines, especially in the case of the protractor, where the difference between the lines in each frame is quite visible. I was also advised to work on the placement of the mise-en-scene within my style frame, where the computer looks rather flat, and the objects very aligned with one another; there is no direction of focus. This isn't a huge issue in my case, as attention is directed by the zoom into the compass, and continues being directed by the pans between the other characters. I however think it would be a nice addition to the animation, and would make it more natural, like the state someone would realistically keep a desk in. I'm also going to try and incorporate the background objects from the initial view of the desk into the animation, to create a better understanding for the location of characters during the different shots, instead of keeping the background completely blank like they are floating in nothingness. The feedback was definitely helpful, and I think will add some substance that my final product would have missed, should I manage to include it in my animation

Style frame:


I'm unsure at this moment if the final background will be a maroon colour like this, but I enjoy the contrast of this to the dark blue hues of the style frame, and links to the red fades I may use when the protractor and compass clash.

I'm pleased with the progress I've made with this project, and I've enjoyed the step up from last year. I've been using Toon Boom animation software, as opposed TVPaint which is used in the media labs at university, and I've learnt a lot about the program since starting this project, and improved my workflow with it substantially. It's overall simply pleasing to be improving like this so early on in the year, and it makes me look forward even more to the coming two years.

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