• Charles Breach

Term 1 - Week 3 - Inanimate Objects

I didn't dally with improving last week's animatic too much, It conveyed my intentions, and helped me plan the staging and movement for my rough animation. I'm almost finished with the rough at this stage, and have been adding in and experimenting with small details on the way, like camera movements. I felt it was necessary to do this now rather than later to make my characters movements as tight as possible, to the best of my abilities. Working on the camera movements later would create a different perspective of them, and in some cases as a result of the camera movement and scale, it wasn't required I draw the whole character, which I may have done if I'd worked on this later. I've gone quite far over the specified time, but I've been given the OK in that regard. I'm slightly disappointed I wasn't able to keep my rough within this time, but even keeping it as short as it is currently has tested my storytelling abilities, I've given a lot of attention to keeping characters actions and time on screen down to a minimum, but not too short of course, in order to keep the time down. I can at this point go back over my rough and try to do this further, perhaps cutting out some camera movements where I could have both characters in the same shot, over a shorter period of time. This wouldn't be necessary though, and creating particular focus on a character, instead of spreading the focus across the screen means the audience has to think less about what is actually happen, and can take in what's happening quicker. I think deciding on what to do will simply require experimentation, but I'll try and focus more on refining the animation considering this isn't entirely necessary.

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