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Term 1 - Week 2 - Inanimate objects

This is a rough sort of animatic that outlines some of the movements I described in my previous entry a little better. I think today was just one of those got out the wrong side of the bed days, where small little things built up, culminating in something frustrating. I wasn't particularly happy with this rough animatic, and I kind of hoped by the end of the session during which we were meant to work on it, I would have something pretty decent to look at, but alas I could not draw for the life of me on this particular day. I also found TV paint particularly annoying to work with, which I think is a result of both it's different layouts and tools to other programs I work with, as well as my stubbornness to conform to these differences. I had to reload the program because of accidental changes I made which I thought were permanent to my animatic, but simply I hadn't figured out how to undo the changes, but did not want to spend time figuring out how to undo the changes with the limited time we had in the session.

Despite the above palaver, like I originally said, the animaticish thing does outline the camera movements I wanted to make, and positions the characters on stage somewhat how I intended. It also allowed for Jon and I to confer on improving my final animation. Jon suggested that instead of simply the protractor "kicking" the compass, landing on the other side of the screen, and the compass falling over in the same frame, that the protractor could attack the compass in such a way that it launches itself out of the shot, leaving the compass alone on screen standing upright, but stationary. The camera could then rotate around it in a similar fashion to what I described in my previous entry, the compass could then stumble a bit, and ultimately fall over. The rubber would then be visible near the centre of the shot in the distance, and the protractor would land down next to it.

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