• Charles Breach

Term 1 - Week 1 - Inanimate Objects

As we were described the project to us, I could already imagine how I wanted my story panning out. It was easy to get carried away with thoughts of a detailed, several shot sequence, but alas the 3 shot and 15 second time limit quickly did away with these. I tried to keep my projects relatively simple in the first year, focusing on learning and putting quality over quantity, however I think the start of the second year has become the beginning of the end of that method, and I should start pushing my projects a little further.

We were told we could move the camera to get around the 3 shot limit, to frame different focuses in the same shot, and I plan to utilise this cheat to the best of my abilities. At this moment in time I plan on my characters being a compass, and a protractor, the scene being perhaps some maths homework left at the a desk overnight. I was torn between 2D, and 3D work, 3D providing so much potential for character, and camera movement. I just don't think I'd be able to reproduce the idea I have in my mind using 3D software, and 2D would provide a means to work in my own style, so I unless I change my mind in the next couple days, I think I'll stick with 2D.

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