• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 26 - Mystery Box

Here is my final render for the mystery box project. I am, to be frank, very pleased with the result. I enjoy the overall aesthetic, the reflections in my robot's copper accents, the pink glow provided by the infinity curve, and how this compliments my robots blue face, and the box, and the overall simplicity. The walk cycle I think is very what-I-envisioned, and suits my character's essence, although it is different from the initial walk I created during the acting session, I quickly lost interest in that method, as it seemed both cumbersome and simple, and the execution would have been more complicated than making a standard walk cycle that I think looks better on the character anyway. I focused a lot on secondary action, and making the walk believable, whilst trying to retain my characters robotic nature. I created a very slight up and down motion on the face, like it was on a spring, as the head is intended to be mobile and separate from the body, enabling my character to look around. I also created a slight roll in his shoulders, and gave his upper body a little forward rotational bounce, to create some weight. I also enjoy the contrast between the initial walk and the reaction to the box. He seems robotic, and set in his actions and characteristics with the initial walk and calculated downwards look, then this is completely juxtaposed by his quick and fluid reaction. With the addition of the change in expression, I think the reaction gains some comedic value. The bounce in the upper body and arms after the fall, as well as the secondary action from the rotating face, again creates some credibility, and adds some depth to the whole motion

I changed the robot a bit during the animating process, creating a few more handles for things like the face, and the tips of the feet, as well as adding things like the indented strip along the main body, where the joints and face sit, to signify that these had something to move along and help create the credibility in the secondary actions.

If I were to improve it further, I would like a more detailed render, and I think I could work on the steps, specifically giving more twist to the feet when they lift off the ground, although this is present, it doesn't seem to be enough, and doesn't particularly add to the robotic effect either. I think I might also change the way he falls and bounces, just speeding the fall up a small amount; the legs don't seem to fall in a totally credible way either, but I think for now this could be explained by his robotic nature. The rigging on my character also limited his arm movements. I wanted to cross his arms, but it turned out they were too short, and would not bend they way I wanted them to in order to cross. I could have made the shoulders independent of the body, and then made them come forward to give the arms more space, as well as created a few more IKs along the arm, so I could bend the arm in more specific places, which would also help in the bounce from the arms after the fall. It would have allowed the arms to perhaps splay in a more complex manner, and flatten completely against the floor, where presently they remain curved and taut. 

As seen in the experimentation reel, My initial character walk had quite a high stride. I wanted to lower the stride to be a little more believable, although I did enjoy the exaggerate motion, I prefer the understated motion, that creates a subtle annoyance in his step.

I think my character has changed a fair amount from the very first drawing to the final product, but he has retained the essence I saw form that first drawing, and I am again, happy with the outcome.

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