• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 26 - Media Practices

I didn't want to leave my part of the presentation with the idea that you can make a great film both with and without a storyboard. Whilst storyboards can be beautiful, I wanted to find an example where a great storyboard could have been employed, yet the resultant film was less than anticipated. I wanted to find an example like this, as more often than not, storyboards are less detailed, whilst still producing well received films.

This would also portray that storyboards might not be the sole factor for determining a films quality, where this is reliant on perhaps thousands of factors for a larger studio.

I thought this a good opportunity to bring back my original research into Star Wars storyboards, specifically the prequels. Where the original Star Wars films were well received and popular, the prequels are popular for the completely wrong reasons within pop culture, and are notorious for being more than a little lacklustre, as backed up by their ratings on popular review sites:

Episode 1

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

I felt these a good example, as the films are largely CGI, making them a nice mix of animation and live action. The storyboards for the films were fairly different in design to the final product, whilst also being detailed, yet their influence is definitely evident on the final product, with many concepts retaining aspects of their design, as shown here:


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