• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 24 - Media Industries, Roles, and Practices - The Good, and the Ugly

This is my evaluation of 3 good, and 3 bad showreels, in preparation for my the production of my showreel.

The Good:


Definitely knows what it wants to be, displaying it's best work first, but keeping a subjectively good standard of work all the way through. The showreel is a very nice length, not too short so as to display too little work, but not boringly long. The song is catchy, unique, and upbeat, definitely keeps the viewers attention, and doesn't play so long as to become obnoxious.

Rocket Panda:

Catchy song, nice graphics and transitions. Not sure if they displayed the best work first, but the switching between different works created a nice rhythm, with breathing space for each clip. Displayed a wide variety of projects with many different techniques, which can both bode well for them and against them depending on the person hiring, but I suppose that is sort of the case with every show reel. The show reel goes on just a tad too long, if they had stuck to including their best works, it could have been shortened, but it seems they want to convey their flexibility, which it definitely does.

Maki Yoshikiura:

Catchy song, but because of the slightly lengthy play time, this becomes slightly repetitive. Best work is definitely included first, but some less interesting work that is included could have been cut out to reduce the play time. An overall high standard of work is kept to throughout. They too convey exactly what they want to create and their style. There is no logo it seems, and their contact details are only included at the end, and in a manner that is slightly lacklustre compared to the rest of the show reel.

The Ugly:

The CG Bros - Gustav Hoegen:

Definitely impressive work, but is extremely lengthy with very repetitive and dull music. The quality of footage is definitely lacking, and it doesn't feel like the best work is included first. Clips are held on for too long.

I feel bad picking on these boys about their showreel, but alas that's what happens when you post things on the internet- a student will nab it and use it in an evaluation for their work. The showreel isn't overly long, but each individual clip is generally too long, and could be shortened to make the showreel a more acceptable length. The music is very inappropriate, explicit, and probably copyrighted. For a VFX showreel, the transitions between each clip aren't very good. The overall quality of work is subjectively not exciting.

Atif Aziz:

Some impressive clips of a reasonable length, but the showreel is made too by repeating the clips, or very similar works, and some less interesting clips. Some clips are repeated up to 3 times, without introducing anything extraordinarily new. The music is actually pretty ok in my opinion, but I see it being too repetitive for other viewers.

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