• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 24 - Lip Sync - After effects tutorial

We started the lip sync project with a reintroduction to After Effects. Not having used it since the last tutorial before the Easter holiday left us in need of a refresher, but I think being reintroduced to After Effects helped solidify a lot of the basic concepts we had previously covered. Our first task had us go move each square from the left side of the screen to the right, making each do something slightly more complex than the previous. I found the motion blur effect along my After Effects adventure, and couldn't help but add that on top of all the squares, as I think it creates a more realistic effect in their movement. It was tricky getting the last blue square to tilt back in a believable fashion as it anticipated and moved to the right, After Effects seemed to be trying to compensate for its movement back and forth during the anticipation, and would move the location of the key frames in the preview screen. I believe this may have been due to the automatic ease in and out that we had turned on, but some trial and error eventually got around this, and I was pleased with the effect.

We then started our lip sync demo. We started by parenting the different parts we wanted following the head to the head, and then parented the head to the neck. We were then shown how different mouth positions were set to a certain time within their own file, and how when we scrubbed through the different times in this file for the mouth, the different positions would appear on the composition. We were then shown the audio file we would be syncing to, and given a dope sheet (weird name). We scrubbed through the audio clip, and at decided where each sound would fit a specific frame, and the length the sound extended for. We then scrubbed through the composition, and fit each mouth position to the frames we had allocated for them. This process also came with trial and error, deciding if where I had chosen to place the mouth position was really the best time, or subtracting mouth positions if it seemed the mouth was moving too fast, a leeway I was thankful for having that wouldn't come so easily with analogue 2D animation.

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