• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 23 - After Effects Bike Tutorial

I think before this session I had attempted to use After Effects once, but I was unsure entirely of what it was meant for, and what it was capable of accomplishing. I enjoyed the session, especially when I realised After Effects wasn't nearly as hard to use as I thought, when you knew what you wanted to make with it. I was comfortable with the process of importing other files from Photoshop (one of the things I didn't know you could do with After Effects, which I think is absolutely amazing and handy) and then altering the different aspects of the files (such as making the wheels spin) then bringing that file into the composition. Then building up the video, altering the different elements, such as making the bike go over a bump in my clip. This was the one bit I found most challenging, trying to get the bike to raise and rotate in a fashion that made it look like it was going over a bump, but I think for the short time we had to make it, mine turned out pretty ok. I believe their might be an easier alternative to the fashion in which I made it do this, so that will require some experimentation

We then moved on to greenscreening, which instead of keying out the green background, entailed cropping the background out of each frame, which I'll be honest I have already forgotten how to do, but found easy enough in the session. For short clips such as the one we made, this technqiue is definitely useful, however i see how this would be more appropriate for removing rigging from a character in stop motion during post production, rather than using it to crop the character into the scene.

I was pleased with the session, becoming acclimated to the workspace of After Effects, and the possibilities it presented.

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