• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 25 - Media Practices

Upon looking further into treating storyboards as art, I came across this link, which seems to discuss exactly my topic, and with good examples- however quite briefly:


BUT, upon scrolling through the page, I came across this link at the bottom of the page:


This post discussed Hayao Miyazaki's process for storyboarding and pre-production, specifically that he creates all his storyboards, where normally this would be delegated to another member of staff. He also creates his storyboards in detail, usually water colouring them too. The website also mentions that it is thought this is one of the reasons Studio Ghibli films retain such a high standard of storytelling and visual quality.

I felt this a good example I could use for my discussion, as Miyazaki would be easier to research as an individual than lesser known storyboarders.

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