• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 25 - Lip Sync

I went for a large nosed old dude which I found in a previously made faces-in-inkblots page I had made for my lip sync character.

I change the shape of his face a little bit, and experimented with mouth shapes a little bit, then traced the head in Photoshop and created the rest of the mouth shapes.

The first sound sample I tried had the person talking quite quickly, and I had trouble making it look like my character was enunciating the words he was saying, so after I got about halfway through the original clip, I switched to a slower moving character. I was putting the sound shapes exactly in time with the sound that was being made, which again made my character look like he wasn't saying the words, and moved some of the sounds that require anticipation forward a little bit to create this effect, and this made it look credible. I then made my character blink, and move his head and eyebrows depending one the emphasis the person in the sound sample was creating with specific words, to make the character more lively.

I found it hard to move my characters head with the sound sample I chose, as the person was talking so slowly and in a monotone pitch, that I couldn't really figure out how to emphasise the words as a result, although there were a couple instances I was able to do this. I would like to figure out a better way of moving my character's head to create a believable secondary action for something of this nature.

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