• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 24 - Media Practices

The industry storyboarders I contacted have yet to reply, so I'm considering other topics to discuss in the presentation, my foremost idea is discussing how storyboards can be treated more as art than just quick sketches, and by that I mean going into depth about how the details of a storyboard can influence the final product, and the different types of storyboard that can be produced before filming/animating.


This website peaked my interest on the subject, but I didn't intend on referencing it in my part of the presentation. I searched for star wars in relation to storyboarding, and found this website:


This also contained many intricately drawn images I could use in the presentation.


I was however lacking substance in my findings, I didn't know exactly what to discuss, and was having trouble finding anything that elaborate on.

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