• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 25 - Mystery Box

This is as far as I can tell, my final model for my character, who I have aptly named, salt boye. His main body and limbs have been textured with the arnold aistandardsurface ceramic preset, and the accents are the copper preset.

The face consists of a very short cylinder, textured with the arnold aistandardsurface, and given a slight light blue emission. The face details are made of individual polygons, which I'll be honest I approximated the position of instead of using symmetry and snapping, and are similarly textured, with a higher intensity, darker blue emission.

As our characters for the CG mystery box have to be robots, I didn't want to just give my character the salt shaker shape and be done with it. I think the choice of textures give my character a futuristic characteristic, this combined with physical aspects such as the separation between the main body, and the top- what I like to believe would be the brain/main cpu area of my character, and the ball joints that connect the limbs, create something that resembles a salt grinder, but looks more like a unique take on a robotic form.

Instead of giving the fingers a copper/ceramic texture, I gave them a chrome preset, which I think created a nice change in pace visually.

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