• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 23 - CG - UV texture mapping tutorial

This week we were introduced to UV mapping, whereby we take an image and map it to a 3D object. We started with a simple mapping of a cereal box image net to a box shaped polygon using the cutting and sewing tools to edit the shape faces into the correct location, and changing their sizes to fit the image, so that the faces encompassed only what we wanted. I added a chrome face underneath the box, and an Arnold skydome light, as well as some stock Maya lights (because I think it looks cool), then rendered the image using Arnold.

We then were given a 3D model bird, which we had to break down into seperate smaller components (such as the beak, and wings) and make a net for these in the UV editor, which was decidedly harder than unfolding a box. We tried to unfold each component in such a way that would be optimal for an image to mask without distortion to that image. This was made easier by a tool in Maya that shows where distortion would occur in the net. Once I was happy with my net, I created my desired texture in photoshop, using an exported image of the net as a guide for where I should be colouring. Maya made it fairly easy to an optimal texture, allowing me to quickly see where I had missed a spot in my texture, and to go back into photoshop, which would then update the maya texture. I rendered the model in Arnold again to create the image below.

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