• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Easter - Media Practices - Research

I have reached out to 4 storyboarders:

Lamar Abrams

Emma Partridge

Laura Knetzger

Geneva Hodgson

I tried to email people who would be lesser known within pop culture. I sent Emma Partridge a question on tumblr, as I could not find an email to contact her by, and sent the rest an email. I tried to keep the email concise, whilst also retaining a friendly demeanour. I didn't write too many questions, limiting these to:

- Do you have a particular method when it comes to storyboarding?

- How do you appeal to a producer when pitching ideas?

The first is quite open ended, and I suppose was not intended to be answered a certain way, perhaps they have a particular thing that they have learnt when it comes to storyboarding, which they apply whenever they storyboard. The next one was intended to be the basis for my part of the presentation. Appealing to producers, what the producers want to see in order to fund the production of an idea.

I then asked if they could include anything else they might feel is interesting to share about the preproduction processes.

I couldn't find the question, I asked over tumblr to Emma Partridge, but it was in the same format as previous emails.

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