• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 22 - Mystery Box

Today I went into uni and finished off my model for my Mystery Box character, creating his face and adding the limbs. I gave his face an edge to make his face blend better with the his body, where in his original design, his face his embedded in his body. I think it's a nice addition that makes the character more interesting to look at. I think I made his face too big compared to my original design, but I suppose it's interesting to see things like this when modelling, perhaps I will keep his face larger (probably not). I tried covering his arms with super sculpey, but it would tear when i tried smoothing it, as it was so thin, in trying to keep with my original design, and I wasn't too fond of how it looked when I added more super sculpey to thicken it. I think again I made his legs far too long compared with the original design, I think I'll definitely keep his legs shorter in my CG model. His hands and feet are fairly basic, I think with more time I could add fingers, but in all honesty I think my real life hands are quite large for sculpting on this size, but his mitten hands keep with his overall aesthetic so I didn't worry about it too much, and I can always add fingers later when modelling in CG.

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