• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 22 - Media Industries, Roles, & Practices

This session was a brief for our new research project. The project aims to introduce us a little more to the industry side of animation, familiarising ourselves with the specific job roles, and gaining a little acumen where we might one day want to be within the industry. We watched some clips of projects created by the different content producers, which reminded us of the diversity animation provided, from stings, to full feature films, and was also rather inspiring and invigorating. We where then briefed on our new project, that would have us present to the class in groups of 4 about a chosen production or practitioner within the industry. We've all been looking forward to group work, so this was a nice prospect. Before we have to present the main piece of work, we were given a smaller one to present, which will consist of 2 slides, describing both a production company, and a role they contain. Our group decided on to research a story board artist within Cartoon Network, which we are hoping will be relatively simple to investigate.

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