• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 22 - CG

In the first session this week, we were introduced back to CG, based on our choice of medium for the mystery box. Before we started designing and animating our characters in Maya, we used this session to refresh our knowledge of Maya, and constructing in 3D. Given the choice between designing swords and hammers, the majority chose to work with swords (a poor choice on their part).

We were given a selection of sword designs to work from, although it was recommended we start with the most basic design that the tutor would also be working with. It took me a short while to get back in the swing of things, which I accomplished by clicking everything I could see trying to figure out what each button did. We were also introduced to a few new techniques in this session, starting with what I believe was edge modelling, where we traced the image by modelling the edge of a box. We initially very roughly made the traces, creating a very flat silhouette of the trace, we then later worked on the more intricate shaping, such as creating the sharp edge of the blade. I used the smooth mesh tool to create consistent curves around the blade, and then flattened out the places where extra curves have been made. I realised later I didn't have to use this tool on the whole object, and could instead use it on specific faces, which would have prevented certain things such as the hilt of the blade becoming less resolved in shape, and retaining the spanner like shape.

I didn't want to work too much on the basic sword, and wanted to try designing a slightly more complicated one. I tried creating a version of the sword below, but unfortunately clicked a sculpting tool that froze Maya, so had to start again (only mildly annoying). I used a slightly different method, starting with the hilt by creating a cylinder, and sculpting that using edge loop tool, which made changing the shape much easier. I then sculpted the blade separately using a cuboid, similar to how I created my first blade.

I thoroughly enjoyed this session; I was reminded of the creative potential CG and Animation both provided, and had fun taking part in something a little different from usual sessions, a chill creative outlet.

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