• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 21 - Mystery Box - Storyboarding

We created for the session a 6 panel storyboard depicting our character going through the actions we'd worked on in our acting session. I decided my character would walk up to the box in a waddling, lumbering fashion, initially frustrated. They callously glance inside the box, to have this create in them a state of Elation, causing them to rise up on their tip toes, and fall over backwards.

During the session we discussed the different kinds of storyboards, and their uses, and how much they can influence a picture as a result of the early stage they are used in their creation. I'm not sure It is the exact career path I would consider undertaking at this moment in time, I'd rather keep my options open for the time being, and enjoy the process of making stories as much as drawing them out. However I definitely see how useful story boarding can be in even the smallest productions, and how it could definitely be a career path to consider for myself (although I'm sure the session wasn't intended for us to totally make that decision just yet). I had taken the same session in my previous year at uni during Year 0 Film, however it was definitely good to be reminded of the surprising amount of information this came with, that is all the uses of story boarding. It's wonderful how a relatively simple tool such as this brings to light the many issues that come with production, such as how the character will perform, the timing, how much the production will cost, and I'm sure a plethora of other things. Story boarding was described as "editing the film before it's made", which I think encompasses nicely these many uses.

We then had to create another storyboard of our character, but from another angle, still using the 6 frames. I chose a low angle view from behind the box, which I think gives the situation some comedic value, but would however create a little more ambiguity for a viewer, as you can not see the characters lower body. If you were familiar with character before viewing the clip at that camera angle, this would probably be no problem.

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