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Term 3 - Week 21 - Mystery Box - Acting

Today we also had a session focusing on the acting for our scenes. We warmed up first by planning a couple acting games, to get us into the zone of expressing our selves in front of everyone. We then each had a turn at directing a group of people into acting as our we see our character would, and choosing someone from this group to act for us in a short reference film. I described my characters emotions with each beat, that is frustrated with his existence as a salt grinder. He sees the box, and barely cares to look inside, but is greeted with sugar, something he feels could replace the salt inside him, to bring sweetness to others and change his existence. I felt overall everyone managed to convey this, but not quite in the manner I wanted. I managed to film a couple takes for reference, but I feel I'll have to revisit this, either acting for myself, or with someone else willing to give it another try. The session was however quite fun, I feel before I knew what I really wanted to pursue that acting would be interesting, and ended up being used for the reference videos for three other people.

a couple days later:

I found a film of myself practising how I thought my character would during the acting session that one of my classmates filmed.

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